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Sunday, 23 June 2013 01:26

2013 Convention of the Parapsychological Association - August 8th - 11th Viterbo, Italy

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If you are interested in real parapsychological research and information then this is the conference for you!

Conference Information and Registration

56th Annual Convention
of the Parapsychological Association

Viterbo, Italy

August 8-11, 2013

The Parapsychological Association (PA), will be holding its 56th annual convention on August 8-11, 2013 at the Ora Domus La Quercia in Viterbo, Italy. Leading scientists and other academics from around the world will gather to present the latest research into psi and related phenomena, such as extra-sensory perception, psychokinesis, psychic healing, altered states of consciousness, mediumship and possible survival of bodily death. 

The site of the PA convention, the Ora Domus La Quercia hotel, is the former convent of the Sanctuary of Saint Maria della Quercia on the Via Francigena, a major route leading to Rome from Canterbury which in the past was used by thousands of pilgrims on their way to Rome.  Constructed between 1470 and 1525, the hotel still maintains its Renaissance elegance and is steeped in local history.

The PA Board has invited Dr. Simon Thorpe to deliver the J.B. Rhine address on Saturday evening of the convention. Dr. Thorpe is the research director of the Brain and Cognitive Research Center (CerCo) at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Toulouse, France. He will be speaking on the possible implications of psi for cognitive neuroscience and thinking about the nature of mind and consciousness. 

The PA convention will offer an opportunity for attendees interested in that wide range of human functioning popularly known as the ‘psychic’ or ‘paranormal’ to hear the latest and most advanced scientific thinking about parapsychological topics.  This page will be updated with more details as they become available.


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