Jennifer Lauer

Jennifer Lauer

The Long Awaited SWPRG film, "Ghosts of Door County" has finally been released!!!  For those of you not familiar with the film, the SWPRG (PRG) traveled to Wisconsin's picturesque Door County peninsula to dig deep into the area's haunted past.

Ghost stories abound in this historic area, yet ten locations stand above the rest as the most notorious supernatural hot-spots. Armed with an assortment of high-tech devices and years of experience, the team sets out to determine if these locations are truly haunted or merely the birthplace of ghostly legends.

In the end, what they find will challenge everything you've come to believe about the nature of these unearthly phenomena. Remember, legends have to come from someplace ...

View the TRAILER, the BEHIND THE SCENES TRAILER and the Official GODC Website HERE.  

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Welcome to the new Paranormal Research (PRG) group blog! This is our newest tool to provide those in the paranormal investigation and research community with the latest and greatest information about the PRG and the field. Each week we will cover what’s new with the PRG, current events, research updates, parapsychology, paranormal investigation equipment, trips, conferences, new publications and much much more. We ask everyone to join our blog and participate in the discussion by posting your thoughts and comments.

Below is some information about the current state of the PRG.

The Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group has expanded!!! It now incorporates the great states of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Due to this expansion, the organization has changed its business name to reflect this. "Paranormal Research Group" is now the new umbrella organization that encompasses both paranormal research organizations in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. It's the same organization, run by the same people, but with a larger, expanded membership! The Paranormal Research Group is a team of Paranormal Investigators and Researchers who investigate paranormal activity as it relates to Ghosts & Hauntings. Jennifer Lauer founded this organization in 1999, which is today considered to be one of the most respected, knowledgeable, and credible paranormal research organizations in the country.

Our Paranormal Investigation Team members are trained to use scientific methods and information to conduct serious paranormal investigations, which consists of conducting research, developing and testing theories, producing data & analysis-oriented results, providing resolution information, and encouraging public understanding & awareness.

The team has investigated public and private locations all over the United States, from huge abandoned prisons and hospitals to private residences.

The PRG also has a research branch. The Anomalous Research Department (ARD) is comprised of a small group of SWPRG members that do the following: conduct research, review and develop new equipment for use by the group, keep current on recent articles within the paranormal field, seek out and apply for grants, publish papers, address specific scientific issues raised by the PRG and collaborate with other paranormal research groups and organizations on certain research topics.

As well as investigating the paranormal, the PRG gives lectures on the paranormal for including Historical Societies, Public Libraries, Universities and Public Schools.

In closing I would like to thank you for reading our blog and we look forward to your comments!

DrRoll-2William G. Roll (July 3, 1926 – January 9, 2012) was a noted psychologist and parapsychologist on the faculty of the Psychology Department of the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia, in the United States. He held various positions there, including Professor of Psychology and Psychical Research, assistant professor, and instructor. Sometimes credited as William Roll, or informally, Bill Roll, he was a parapsychologist since the 1950s and authored or coauthored many investigation research papers, articles, and four books: The Poltergeist (1972), Theory and Experiment in Psychical Research (1975), Psychic Connections (1995, with co-author Lois Duncan), and Unleashed: Of Poltergeists and Murder: The Curious Story of Tina Resch (2004, with co-author Valerie Storey). He is also notable for making several appearances in the television show Unsolved Mysteries, among them an episode discussing disturbances on the RMS Queen Mary.