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From 1999 to 2010, the Paranormal Research Group (PRG) responded to requests from the general public to investigate private homes and businesses in addition to investigating well known reportedly haunted public locations. The PRG was able to collect a wealth of data and information, while at the same time providing understanding and help to individuals experiencing ghost and haunt phenomena.

This proof-oriented work confirmed that people were definitely having experiences that they perceived as paranormal, but we really had nothing definite as to what was causing them.  Something else also became apparent from these many years of investigating reportedly haunted locations – we were repeating the same things over and over again and not advancing our knowledge of what was causing these experiences. We needed to try something different if we truly wanted to know what was going on and help people with these types of experiences!

The single most impressive thing about the PRG, and one of the things that differentiates us from other groups, is that it has continued to grow and learn since its’ formation in 1999.

A unique opportunity presented itself in 2010. The PRG was able to move into a reportedly haunted house in Janesville, WI and perform longitudinal research in a ‘living lab’ setting. The ability to repeatedly measure various environmental variables and record peoples’ experiences and beliefs had the potential to advance our knowledge and better understand the underlying activity and reasons for why people have paranormal experiences. We were able to test equipment and hypotheses that were formulated during the prior 11 years of investigations and case studies. We took full advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity!

The PRG moved out of the location in June 2011. We left with an enormous amount of data that is still being analyzed to this day. We felt that we learned more in 1 ½ years in this one location than we did in 11 years of doing relatively short single investigations at many different locations.

With the ‘living lab’ experience fresh in our minds, our quest to continue to learn and advance the field and the apparent lack of a good link between academic parapsychologists and serious field based researchers, the PRG changed focus in 2011 to become a strictly research based organization. Our objectives are: 1) conduct research using the scientific method, 2) create, promote and encourage the use of research and research literature, 3) share information within the paranormal and parapsychological communities and 4) collaborate with other like-minded similar staged research organizations.

We feel that our vast experience in investigations, cases and field studies combined with our new focus will allow us to gain much needed knowledge to advance the field and better help people understand why they have the experiences that they do. The PRG will remain a leading group on the cutting edge of the paranormal field.