Spike's Pizza Place - January 25, 2008

Spike’s Pizza Place

Date: January 25, 2008
Start Time: 10:30 p.m.
End Time: 3:45 a.m.
Location: Omitted

Investigation Team: Troy Hartman, Dave Schumacher, Cindy Heinin, Jen Lauer, Carol Mack, Eric Brant, Judy Dobson, and Dennis Dobson,


The owner, via phone, regarding possible paranormal activity occurring at his business, contacted the SWPRG. After talking with the owner, and reviewing the question set, it was decided that a pre-investigation should be completed. The pre-investigation interviews and the amount of personal experiences of the owners and employees were indicative that a full investigation should be conducted.


The members of SWPRG that were present were, Judy and Dennis Dobson, Carol Mack, and lead investigator Troy Hartman. Investigators map the premises and preformed the pre-investigation questioning of clients. Audio and video were taken of the pre-investigation (see pre-investigation Audio 1-14-08), including walk through and interviews.

Clients that were present during the pre-investigation were, Rich and Deb Lares, and Rich’s mother Teresa. Rich started with his description of his personal experiences, which included seeing a mist in the upstairs hallway, having a stereo turn up full blast, hearing voices and an upstairs hanging lamp moving on command. Deb experienced a door slamming against her chair in an upstairs office, and the feeling of being uneasy. She and Rich also described experiences that some of their employees experienced, including the chicken boxes falling to the ground while the employees were in the basement and a wire whisk which apparently flew off the shelf and landed on the floor. Teresa described a few experiences she had, but mostly discussed a family, who are “sensitive” and what they said they saw and felt. They felt there were several “portals” open in the upstairs dining and office areas, allowing traffic from the spirit world in and out of the building.


The building was built around 1850 by John Jung (Young) he was the original owner. He and his brother Nicholas built and owned all the buildings on the block and on many on Racine. John Jung was a physician and businessman who immigrated with his family from Germany. He was appointed Jefferson County Coroner in 1856. It appears that he first operated a general store on the corner of Main directly across from the Jefferson House. In 1860 John built yet another building on Main St. It appears that the building on the corner (now a bar) and the building, which is now the drug store, were connected and used as one building, housing John’s general store. The upstairs of the buildings were offices. Judge I.W. Bird had an office from 1862-1897, also the Bird and Lilly War Claims Offices were located in the building from 1862-????.

In 1867 Jung dug a foundation next to what is now the drug store, and moved that building to the 3rd one, which is your building. In the open spot he built a new 2 story brick structure, which is now the drug store. In 1867, the building was used as McCullough’s drug store, Jung’s physicians’ office, and Meiswinkle’s Hardware Store. The main floor was the hardware store, with offices being on the 2nd floor. In 1869, a fire destroyed 5 buildings on the block. It started in the meat market owned by C. Muck, spread to Meiswinkle’s Hardware and the new building that Jung built between the corner and what is now your building, also burnt. I could find no fatalities other than livestock that were in barns, where the parking lot now is. Jung rebuilt his buildings the same year. In 1870 there was an Express Office and Dentist’s office in the building. There was another fire in the building in 1870, with no fatalities.

The upstairs was used as numerous offices:

1875-1876 Mrs. Wyman Millinery

1877 Dr. Mansfield Dentist

1886 J.E. Peebles Dentist

1889 Mrs. John Buchta Millinery

1893 Mrs. Zimmerman Millinery


Occupying the downstairs was:

1869-1872 McCullough Drugs

1872-1874 Given & Stiles

1873 D.W. Birkhauser

1874 A.A. Bullard Jewelry

1874 Reed & Son

1884 Bachman Drugs

Occupying downstairs or entire building:

1885? US Post Office

???? Carrie’s five and dime

1964 Allbee’s Shoe Store

1973-???? Cabinets Unlimited

1995-Present Pizza Restaurant.

It was added to the state historical register on 1/7/1998, with the Historic name of Bachman Drugstore. Building stood vacant between 1993-1994, owners were eager to sell, business name during this period, Stengel’s Fire Place and Cabinetry. A fire took place in the upstairs of Tan A Latte some time after 1994, when the current owners purchased the building.



Lead Investigator:
Troy Hartman

Equipment & D.E.A.D System: Dave Schumacher

EVP Specialist: Cindy Heinin

Sweep Team Leader: Jen Lauer

Investigators: Carol Mack, Eric Brant, Judy Dobson, and Dennis Dobson,

Equipment Used: 4 infrared cameras, Lorex L124A81 4 channel DVR with 80GB hard drive, Noncontact IR thermal probe scanner, Taylor Temperature, Trifield natural EMF meter, Trifield meter, Temperature gauge (x2), Air ion Counter. Positive and negative ion counts are displayed as ions/cm3, Non-contact Thermal Scanner, Digital Cameras. IC Recorder: Panasonic RR-QR240, Cassette, Recorder: Radio Shack CTR-122, Microphone: IC recorder - internal, Cassette recorder - Schreiber Acoustic SA-125 Omni-directional, Electrets Analysis tools: Computer, Cool Edited Audio Editor, Clear Voice Denise

Upon arrival at the location, SWPRG members did a walk through/tour with the owners; set up equipment with the base of operation in the upstairs dining room: took base readings with the EMF meters, Thermal Probe, and pos/nag ion counter; and searched for possible natural explanations of reported paranormal activity. Four IR video camera where se up in kitchen/ dish washing area, downstairs hallway, upstairs dining room, and upstairs. The SWPRG also conducted EVP sessions in the upstairs dinning room, the upstairs office and the first floor kitchen/dishwashing area. Investigators conducted some quiet observation during EVP sessions.


Base line readings with the handheld meters. Reading taking in the form of magnetic and electric. Based line readings were conducted at 11 pm.


Backdoor, Hinge High: 15-25 mG

Hallway: 75 mG Across from bathroom

Mid Stairwell: 18-25 mG

Sockets: 15 mG

Telephone power Box: 100 mG

Backdoor: 12 mG

Bathroom: 1.5 mG

Electric socket; 10 mG

Switch: 35 mG

Average: 2-5 - -4 mG

Stairs going down: 12-14 mG

Landing: 25 mG

Hallway/ Power box: 50 mG

Woman's Bathroom: 7 mG


Front Door: 13 mG

Hall Light: 75 mG

Breaker Box: 100 mG

Sink Area: 25 mG

Freezer Door: 35 mG above thermostat

Ice cream Compressor: 22.5 mG

Heat Lamp: 60 mG

Basement Water Pipe: 100 mG

Hot Water Heater: 50 mG

Freezer Air Compressor: 4-10 mG

Electric Reading

Hallway: 1 mG

Kitchen: 1 mG

Dishwasher Area: -.5 mG

Railing: 1 mG

EMF remain constant there all sweep. No anomalous readings were discovered.


Base temperatures readings taken at 12:15 a.m.

Office- 67°

Upstairs Hallway- 67°

Small Dining area upstairs- 67°/68°

Upstairs front Windows- 66°/67°

Stairs- 64°

Downstairs Hallway- 64°

Lobby- 64°

Front Kitchen- 64°

Back Kitchen (dishwashing area)- 65°/66°

Temperature remained constant all night except in upstairs above oven due to rising heat.


Ion count readings with conducted at 11:45 pm well as throughout the night. Investigator tested for both positive and negative ions.


Upstairs Positive Readings Sweep 1

Hallway: .09 - .11 ions/cm3

Office: .05 - .11 ions/cm3

Dinning Room : .15 - .30 ions/cm3

Front Railing: .20 - .30 ions/cm3

Downstairs Positive Readings Sweep 1

Stairs: .03 ions/cm3

Lobby: .60 ions/cm3

Hallway: 1.29 ions/cm3

Backdoor: 1.20 ions/cm3

Women's Bathroom: .06 - 1.20 ions/cm3

Average: -.60 ions/cm3 Kitchen Area

Stairs: -.35 ions/cm3

Upstairs Negative Reading Sweep 1

Office: -.5 - -78 ions/cm3

Hallway: -.80 ions/cm3

Dinning Area: .-75 - -1.03 ions/cm3

Booth Area/Lamp: -.10 - -.15 ions/cm3

Front Railing: .20 - .30 ions/cm3

Railing Area: -78 ions/cm3

Downstairs Negative Reading Sweep 1

Backdoor: -1.24 ions/cm3

Woman's Bathroom: -.25 ions/cm3

Hallway: -.25 ions/cm3

Lobby Area: No Readings Taken

Kitchen: -.15 ions/cm3

Dishwasher Area: -.30 ions/cm3

Freezer: .05 ions/cm3

Upstairs Positive Readings Sweep 2

Hallway Backdoor, Office:

Average: .40 ions/cm3

Office door: 1.01 ions/cm3

Downstairs Positive Readings Sweep 2

Stairs: .03 ions/cm3

Lobby: .03 ions/cm3

Hallway: .05 ions/cm3 along the floor the reading went up to 1.50 ions/cm3

Kitchen: .30 ions/cm3

Dishwasher Area: .30 ions/cm3

Upstairs Negative Reading Sweep 2

Office: -.15 ions/cm3

Backdoor: 1.01 ions/cm3

Bathroom: -.65 ions/cm3

Dinning Area: -.50 ions/cm3

Downstairs Negative Reading Sweep 2

Freezer: .22 ions/cm3

Dishwasher:-.70 ions/cm3

Rack Utensil: -.95 ions/cm3

Kitchen: Readings Up and Down

“One strange occurrences was in the downstairs hallway. We kept getting ion spikes (I think they were negative ions, Judy documented) in front of us. The spikes stayed in front of us all the way down the hall. We had to move forward to get the spike back, it would then move forward again. It disappeared at the end of the hall.”

- Investigator Eric B.


100+ photos: Nothing of note captured.

15+ Hours of Video Footage: Nothing of note captured. (see Video Footage 1-25-08)


Nothing to note.


Submitted by Cindy Heinen

Pizza Pit Investigation Jan. 26, 2006


Panasonic RR-QR160 (#1, #3) IC recorders

Schriber Acoustic SA-125 Unidirectional Electret microphone

Audio-Technica AT804 Omnidirectional Condenser Dynamic microphone

Marantz PMD221 cassette recorder

Schriber Acoustic SA-125 Unidirectional Electret microphone

SESSION 1 12:33am - 12:42

LOCATION: Upstairs no smoking area

EVP RESULTS: No EVP found. There was a 1500 Hz hum that faded in and out during this session. It is probable that the hum was caused by a compressor or other machinery in the building. There was no 1500 Hz hum during the soundscape recording.

COMMENTS: At 12:36 someone came in the downstairs back door

SOUNDSCAPE RESULTS: Nothing abnormal in soundscape, background sound consistent. Easily hear vehicles from outside and voices from other areas of the building.

SESSION 2 1:15am - 1:25

LOCATION: Upstairs back entry by office

EVP RESULTS: No EVP was found

COMMENTS: The sound of snow plows and vehicles was heard outside the building during this session.

SOUNDSCAPE ANALYSIS: Nothing abnormal in the background noise. Even with the door closed you can hear sounds from other areas of the building including the bathroom and people talking downstairs.

SESSION 3 1:50am - 1:59

LOCATION: Kitchen sink area


COMMENTS: The background noise from this area was very loud and fluctuated depending what appliances were running. There was occasional metallic rattling from the vibration of appliance motors and compressors. If not careful in the analysis of the audio this rattling could be mistaken for a faint, rough voice.

Soundscape Analysis: The background noise from this area is caused from the appliance motors, fans and compressors. This excessive background noise, which alters the signal to noise ratio, is not considered optimal for collecting EVP.

Also this loud background noise can cause actual phantom frequencies as well as produce audio hallucinations. Since our brains are programmed to listen for and recognize patterns in sound it is easy to think we hear faint voices in this type of noise. Under spectral analysis it becomes apparent that these are not voices but just modulating white noise. The poor fidelity of digital voice recorders using limited sample rates and compression can alter these mundane sounds even more.


During the three EVP sessions, three separate recorders were used. Two were identical IC recorders and one was a professional cassette recorder. External microphones were used on all the recorders. The sessions were also recorded on a camcorder.

All suspected EVP are compared against the other recording devices including the camcorder. This technique enables us to determine whether a suspected EVP is just poorly recorded sound, forgotten sound, or a sound artifact of the specific recorder. If we can rule out that a sound is none of these things we will then start to analyze the sound through audio and spectral analysis programs.

In the case of this investigation all the suspected EVP found by Cindy Heinen were compared to the other recorders and camcorder. This proved all the suspected EVP to be poorly recorded sound.

Another investigator submitted three-suspected EVP. After analysis it was determined these faint sounds were either sound artifacts produced by the specific recorders or misinterpreted modulating background noise. Spectral analysis of these sounds showed no voice formation. Also the times of these suspected EVP were compared to data from the DEAD system to see if any environmental changes occurred at the time of these sounds. No changes were noted in the DEAD data at these times.


CONCLUSION – At this time Spikes Pizza Place remains inconclusive. The large quantity of personal experiences leads me to believe that we were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is recommended that the clients continue to track their experiences to better determine a peak time frame for paranormal activity. Such information could help in planning possible future investigations.


If you have any question please feel free to call use, thank you.

Troy Hartman, Lead Investigator

Cell: 414-530-4170

Jen Lauer, Director & Founder of the SWPRG

Cell: 608-931-3633

Group website: www.SWPRG.com