Restaurant - Milwuaukee, WI

Date: October 26, 2002
Location:  Milwaukee, WI
Investigators: Jennifer Lauer, Mark LaVallee, Jo Herrington
Equipment Used:  3  - 35mm Cameras, Gauss Meter, Non-Contact Thermal Scanner, Tape Recorder with external microphone, Digital Tape recorder, Camcorder with Night Shot,  3 camera video survellience system, Tri-field Natural Electromagnetic Field Detector
Film Speed: 400 ASA
# Rolls Taken: 2 Rolls of 24 Exposure
Moon Phase:  Waning Gibbous
Start Time: 8:45 p.m.
End Time:  12:00 a.m.
Temperature: 68.7 degrees
Solar X-ray phase: Active
Geometric Field phase: Storm


We were contacted through our website from a previous employee of the restaurant who claimed that whenever she would go into the basement, she would get a very sick feeling as though she was being choked.  She said that she is psychic and could see a man, not physically, but with her third eye (Intuition).  Other employees and friends had physically seen, what they described as a male in his 20's, loose fitting clothes, very dirty, with long hair and who was very angry.  They said he looked as if he was from the 1930's era wearing possibly a prison, railroad or mechanic uniform.


Upon arriving at the restaurant, we took a tour of the place.  We unpacked all of our equipment and began setting up our survelliance system around the basement area where all of the activity had been reported.  When everything was in place, we began the process of interviewing the witnesses while audio taping the entire interviews.  We were very lucky and was able to interview the employee who contacted us, the owner, and an eye-witness of the physical manifestion of the man they had seen in the basement.  This young man proceeded to tell us that on several occassions he had witnessed either the man, or other paranormal activity that had happened in the basement.  On one occassion he said that he had entered the bathroom, when he came out approximately one minute later, about 40 chairs had been stacked on the tables that were in the basement.  During our interview with the past employee, one of our investigators was touched on the arm by unseen hands.  After completion of our interviews, we made the rounds of the restaurant with our equipment.  We received absolutely no readings at all.  We took several photos, but were unable to capture anything on film.  The temperature in the restaurant varied within a 4 degree ratio, but considering the time of year, we contributed it to the furnace turning on and off.

During one part of the evening, one of the investigators was left in the basement alone and during that time had heard unseen footsteps shuffling across a cement floor that was only inches away from her.  No one else was in the basement.  A few slight electromagic field changes were noted as well as some temperature fluxuations throughout the night.


We were unable to capture anything on video and in our photos but we did document a few electromagnetic and temperature changes.  If this was all we found, we would leave it at that...but because of the physical touching and audio noted by the investigators at the time of the investigation, we have asked the previous employee and owners if we could return to see if we could capture more visual proof.  If this investigation is approved, we will have more information for you in our next report.

- Investigation report written by Jennifer Lauer