The Pact - Richmond, IL

September 2, 2002                         
Can true friends overcome an obstacle such as death?

Many years ago in a small cemetery on English Prairie Road just on the outskirts of Richmond, IL.,  several friends would gather on many occassions to talk, goof around and just to be together.  This was their special place.  A place that was known to them as their sanctuary.

One dark night as they were gathered around a special tombstone marked, "Father James, son of Jesse" they made a pact.  A pact that would ensure them they would always be friends and that friendship can overcome anything. They stated that if any of them ever died, they would all gather around this special tombstone on the anniversary of their death at midnight and attempt communication.

Several years went by until one fatefull night on August 31st when Charlie Meginise, one of the friends, met his untimely death in a car accident.  The friends remembered the pact, but as the first anniversary rolled around, they were uncertain how to attempt communication so they didn't attempt it at that time.  Some time later, Steve Lavallee, another friend also died.

Twenty-two years went by without any attempt at communication UNTIL THIS YEAR.  The S.W.P.R.G. was called in to document and oversee the communication attempt.  Several different methods were brought in to assure that if communication was possible, and that if the two friends who previously died were able to communicate, that we would capture it.

On August 31st, 2002 members of the Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group gathered in this small cemetery to witness and document any type of paranormal activity.  We set up our nightvision video camera and proceeded to video tape two of the remaining friends as they sat around their special tombstone in their attempt to talk, once again, to their friends.  Special meters were placed all around the area to try to detect any type of activity.  Several audio tape recorders were also used to pick up any E.V.P. that was possible.

At midnight, they began their attempt.  For 45 minutes they continually asked questions,  reminisced about the past and asked that if any type of communication was possible that Charlie and Steve were to make some attempt at it.  They waited...but received no visible sign.  After that, they decided that they didn't want to try any longer.  They felt as though the whole thing was a failure and wanted to leave.  We assured them that if It was possible and their deceased friends were willing, something would come of it.

We then started taking the readings off of our equipment.  None of our equipment showed anything out of the ordinary accept for the air temperature gauge.  We noted that when we began setting up our equipment at 11:30 p.m. that the temperature in the cemetery was 65 degree's.  When we checked to see what the minimum temperature was, it stated 62 degrees.  Our final temperature reading was 65 degree's.  This tells us that at some point during the 45 minute session, that the temperature in the cemetery dropped 3 degrees and then rose 3 degree's.  It is understandable that it would drop, being that it's late at night...but what made it rise again?  This was very questionable to us.  Could it have been body heat?  Not likely since we were no where near the detector.  What else could it possibly be?  Could it have been Charlie and Steve manipulating the temperature?  Anythings possibe.