Fulton Cemetery

Date: July 28, 2001
Location: Fulton, WI
Investigators: Jennifer Lauer, Laurie Ginter, Keith Lauer
Equipment Used: 2-35mm Cameras, Gauss Meter, Phantometer, Non-Contact Thermal Scanner, Tape Recorder with external microphone, Motion Detector
Film Speed: 800 ASA
# Rolls Taken: 3 Rolls of 24 Exposure
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
Start Time: 8:00 p.m.
End Time: 9:30 p.m.
Temperature: 82 degrees
Solar X-ray phase: Unknown
Geometric Field phase: Unknown


While growing up in Indianford, WI, stories of strange happenings and spirit appearances were reported in and around Fulton Cemetery, located in southeastern Wisconsin. Ever since I heard those reports, my curiosity has been piqued, I've always wanted to see for myself.

With equipment in tow, myself, along with two other witnesses, Laurie Ginter and Keith Lauer, we traveled to Fulton Cemetery.

Prior to our vigil, I arrived at the cemetery to investigate the area. While I was there, I snapped several photos which when developed, showed numerous orbs. This was the reason for our vigil on July 28, 2001.


Before embarking on our vigil, I replaced all batteries in the equipment with fresh, new batteries.

We arrived at the cemetery around 8 p.m. and proceeded to draw a map of the area as well as take some brief readings. I then noticed my EMF meter was not operating properly, further investigation revealed the batteries were dead. I then replaced the dead batteries with fresh ones and proceeded with the investigation. Laurie then reported that the Phantometer she was using wasn't responding. After examining the equipment, it was determined that the batteries were dead too! I could tell this was going to be a frustrating evening. We replaced the batteries again, and continued with our investigation.

After the sun began to go down, I grabbed my flashlight. To my surprise, the batteries were dead as well. I replaced the batteries and went on my way.

At approximately 9 p.m., Laurie's Phantometer picked up a slight disturbance, pushing the needle to the top, without moving back to its original position. In an effort to collaborate her reading, I used my EMF meter and detected nothing. After an extensive examination of her equipment, I noticed the batteries were dead, AGAIN. Shortly thereafter, the batteries in the IR Thermal Scanner were also dead.

After our frustrating experience with dead batteries, we decided to head home and continue our investigation another night.

In Conclusion:

Several photograph's were taken at Fulton Cemetery. EVP's, thermal readings and EMF readings were also taken. However, we did not find any extensive evidence on film or tape. We are planning another vigil to Fulton Cemetery to try again, and this time, we will have plenty battery power in reserve.

Investigation Report Written by Jennifer Lauer and Edited by Ryan Olson.