Mediums and Channeling

Mediums can be differentiated into three different types. The first include the physical mediums, which are able to receive verbal messages from the dead and produce physical disturbances during their sessions. The physical disturbances can be levitation, object movement, and knocking or rapping.

The second category of mediums are the mental mediums. These mediums speak with the dead mainly by going into a trance and becoming ‘possessed’ by the dead person’s spirit and a control entity.

The third and final class of mediums are the psychic mediums. These are similar to but slightly different than the mental mediums in that they do not go into a trance and remain fully conscious during their communications with the spirits. Well known psychic mediums include John Edwards, James Van Praagh, and Sylvia Browne.

Some of the interesting phenomena and experiences associated with mediums (mental and physical) include:

  • Receiving information from the deceased that can be verified.
  • Ability to ‘read’ a sitter/participant.
  • Drop-in communicators that relay accurate information (veridical).
  • Xenoglossy (properly speaking in a foreign language that the medium could not possess by normal means).
  • Cross-correspondence.
  • Object movement, disappearance and reappearance.
  • Apparitions.
  • Various physical manifestations.
  • Examples and instances of ESP.
  • Levitation.
  • Unexplained lights.
  • Hearing music.
  • Being touched.
  • Physical manifestations of hands, feet, heads, etc.
  • Automatic writing.


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