After-Death Communication (ADC)

After-Death Communications include anomalous experiences when someone is contacted directly and spontaneously by a relative or friend who has died. Approximately 90% of the experiences occur within 24 hours of death, half within one year and three quarters before the end of the fourth year. Anomalous experiences include:

  • Dreams of the deceased that seem very real and are extremely vivid.
  • Appartitions.
  • Electrical effects.
  • Object movement and/or the disappearance and reappearance of meaningful objects.
  • Strange lights.
  • Voices.
  • Smells.
  • Feeling of presence.
  • Sense of being touched.
  • Communications received in a foreign language is later verified.
  • Experiences involving people not known to have died.
  • Collective experiences, which includes people in the same location having the experiences as well as those in separate locations.


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