Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE)

OBEs are very similar to clairvoyance and remote viewing except that the person having the experience feels as if they leave their body. This enables them to view their physical body as well as the rest of the world around them. In the metaphysical world, this is called astral projection and the reports are very similar, except those describing astral projection report being tethered to their body by a silver cord.


OBEs have the following characteristics:

  • Hearing a percussive noise before leaving one’s body.
  • Feeling vibrations in the physical body.
  • A short period of blacking out.
  • Observing the physical body.
  • 90% are visual experiences.
  • Extremely vivid.
  • Just under half of the people claim they can control the experience.
  • 80% occur naturally and spontaneously.
  • Information obtained by the experiencer can be later confirmed (veridical).
  • An ‘apparition’ of the person having the OBE is seen/experienced by others.
  • There are some reports of the OBE experiencer affecting the physical environment.


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University of Virginia Medical School – Division of Perceptual Studies