End of Life Experiences (ELE)/Deathbed Phenomena and

Shared Death Experiences (SDE)

These experiences occur in people near the time of death and includes End of Life Dreams and Visions (ELDV) and Shared Death Experiences (SDE). The experiences include:

  • Seeing or sensing deceased friends and relatives.
  • Seeing or sensing religious figures.
  • Seeing or sensing deceased pets or other animals.
  • Hearing different sounds and music.
  • Clocks stopping.
  • Object movement.
  • Light phenomena.
  • Strange animal behavior.
  • Feelings of being touched.
  • Strange out of place smells.
  • Peak in Darien experiences (seeing people who at the time are not known to be deceased, but it is later learned they had passed away prior to the experience).
  • Alternate reality.
  • A smoke of mist leaving the body.
  • Life review.
  • Visiting or seeing a beautiful place.


SDEs happen to people who are physically close to the individual who is at or near the time of death. They spontaneously share the ELE experiences of the dying. These are people who are generally not sick and do not expect to have an experience. There are seven main elements that Raymond Moody has identified:

  • Change in geometry of the physical location.
  • Mystical lights.
  • Music and musical sounds.
  • OBEs.
  • Co-living the life review.
  • Experiencing other worldly or heavenly realms.
  • Seeing a mist leaving and/or around the body at the time of death.


Other SDE experiences that are interesting include learning information that was unknown (veridical) at the time, sensing a force/electrical surge leaving the body, telepathic communication and only able to share the experience to a certain point of which the living cannot cross.


For additional information:


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